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    If you’ve know me for any amount of time, you may notice that I neglected to release the fourth in the Pumpkin Spice Latte Mixtape series, the fall playlist I’ve released every year for the past three years. It wasn’t for lack of trying, but other things piled up, life happened, and here we are halfway to winter with no mixtape, and honestly not much inspiration.
    Worry not, dear readers. I have for you instead, the first installment of the winter themed playlists; titled Good Winter. It’s a snow (or, as I realized later, blood) themed playlist perfectly designed for cold snowy (or rainy) days inside next to the fire with a blanket, a french press, and an old book. For when you come back in from playing in the snow to a smooth cup of hot chocolate, the feeling of blood rushing back into your fingertips, and the smell of evergreen.


    We Are the Battery Human — Stornoway
    Old Pine — Ben Howard
    Blood — Middle East
    Put There By The Land — Great Lake Swimmers
    Angel in the Snow — Elliot Smith
    Fuel for Fire — M. Ward
    Winter Fawn — Matt Pond PA
    Some Day Soon — Alexi Murdoch
    Atlas Hands — Benjamin Francis Leftwich
    Blood on the Snow — Horse Feathers
    Without a Doubt — Isbells
    Casimir Pulaski Day — Sufjan Stevens
    Faded from the Winter — Iron & Wine
    Noah’s Nameless Wife — Bryan John Appleby
    Blood Bank — Bon Iver
    Garden — Noah Gundersen
    To Build a Home — The Cinematic Orchestra

    I hope you enjoy what I’ve constructed here. I hope this finds you warm and well. Listen to this on those cold days inside or on the road, and there’ll be a good chance that I’m somewhere listening right along with you.

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